What is it?

Even the best of us get into credit and financial challenges once in awhile. And when that happens, the best place to turn is to a reputable credit counselor. With so many commercials and companies advertising services, it can be hard to figure out which one is trustworthy. Can you be sure that can avoid hidden fees, "voluntary" contributions and other recommendations that might end up making the situation worse? We'll refer you to an agency you can trust.

Why is it important?

Reports indicate that over 9 of 10 credit reports have some inaccurate credit information. That's more than 400 million incorrect reports. Almost half of all credit reports have errors that can cause higher interest rate and fees. Credit reports change over time and are only a "snapshot" of your current situation. The sooner you put problems behind you, the sooner your credit score will improve. Having a strong credit score is important because lenders (e.g. car, home, banks) use it to determine the rate you will pay when they lend you money. There are several factors that they use and companies can help you "fix" bad credit history, sometimes very quickly.

Fast Facts

90%  of homeowner's and auto insurers use credit scoring to determine what premium to charge for insurance

17.6 million  people are subject to identity fraud every year, which most often negatively affects their credit

$1,301  is the average amount a poor credit rating could add to your auto insurance premium

7 years  is how long a negative mark usually stays on a credit report

Source: Consumer Reports, ABC News, Bureau of Justice Statistics

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