Finding affordable life insurance is a two-pronged issue — getting the exact amount of coverage you need and then comparing the price.

Here’s What You Need to Know About Both:

The Difference Between Term Life Insurance and Whole Life Policies

A life insurance policy that only covers ten years of your life is not only scary in that it’s about your life, but it also seems like a bad bet if you’re a healthy person. But, these short policies in tandem with a whole life policy can also save you money, and give you the right amount of coverage. For instance, let’s say you have a child that’s currently eight-years-old, you’d probably want at least enough life insurance that college and other expenses are provided until your child is taken care of. If you have a mortgage, you’d want enough to pay off your home.

You’d save money by getting a term policy for these expenses that you’d only have for a period of time. Then have a whole life policy that covers what your spouse or partner would need for retirement and so on. When in doubt about how much insurance to get and which kind, talk to a financial professional that you trust. Make sure they don’t just tell you what to get, but can also explain the policy to you. Financially professionals need to be good communicators.

What Life Insurance Coverage Your Workplace Offers

The cheapest way to get any kind of insurance is usually in your workplace benefit package. You also more than likely won’t have to pass health screenings to get a low rate. When you have your annual benefits review, always look at what is offered to you for free and what you might have to pay for. It may cost you just $10 more per month for an extra $100,000 in coverage.

What Life Insurance Your Spouse Has

As with any big financial decision, it’s important you consult someone you’re in a long-term relationship with. After all, he or she is the one you’re protecting with life insurance. Make sure your spouse has also chosen enough insurance to protect your children in case of a loss of their income. Also, check on insuring spouses with either one of your employers. This may be a cheap way for either one of you to purchase extra insurance beyond what your employer covers. While you’re talking about this topic, also review your short and long-term disability insurance options.

Ways to Find and Compare Life Insurance Policies

You should use comparison tools to compare life insurance policies. An independent insurance agent is a great tool. A golden financial rule is to always get at least three quotes. Also, look up the companies you’re considering on your state’s insurance commission’s website. You can make sure the insurance company is financially secure enough to pay out in the future, and hasn’t had a lot of complaints compared to the number of people it insures.

By following the steps above, you’ll save money and get the coverage you need.