Like you, we're moms and dads with families, owners and renters of modest homes that we live in, and we don't have the financial or personal resources to afford making bad family decisions. Our commitments aren't just about business, they reflect our values. That's why FamilyWise promises to provide:


Always Free

Our goal is to bring the highest quality products and services to regular Americans for FREE. Legal protection is FREE. Helpful articles and planning tools are FREE. We're a for-profit company, but our money won't be coming from your pocket.


Straight, Honest Answers

We all lead busy lives with jobs, kids and other responsibilities that keep us on the go. Because your time is valuable, we try to provide honest answers that are simple and easy to understand. If your questions are complex, then we can refer you to a specialist.


World Class Partners

We're potential customers for all our products and services, and we evaluate them like we were buying them for our own families. That's why we only invite companies with high integrity, a commitment to customer satisfaction and valuable offers to our community.


Referrals only with Permission

No one likes a sales call at dinner, and you won't be getting one from us or our partners. If we connect you to a partner, it's because you gave us permission. We value the trust you put in us, and we're committed to treating you the way we'd want to be treated.

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