What is it?

Renting isn't cheap, but can you afford not to protect your personal property? Things break and sometime are even stolen. For a small monthly cost you can make sure that data on computers, TV's and electronics, family jewelry and other important items can be easily replaced. Don't put your personal possessions at risk, let us help you find the right partner to protect you and your family.

Why is it important?

Many renters believe that they are somehow protected by the landlord's homeowner's insurance. While this is partially true when it comes to the house or apartment you are renting, the homeowner's insurance will not cover damage to your personal possessions. Without renter's insurance, if a thief, a fire, or water damage happen, you will likely lose the thousands - if not tens of thousands - of dollars you invested in your HD TV, laptop, furniture, musical instruments, jewelry, stereo, flatware and silverware, bedding and bathroom accessories, etc. In addition, you have a liability exposure in case a friend, neighbor or repairman trips and gets injured in your home. Renter's insurance can protect you from a lawsuit that could drain your financial resources.

Considering that renter's insurance is so cheap, it is definitely worth the small investment to have piece of mind.

Fast Facts

60%  of renters do not have renter's insurance

$188  national average cost of annual renter's insurance

Source: www.iii.org

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