We created FamilyWise because we believe that all families need access to basic legal protection. We hope you'll feel proud knowing that you've done everything you can to secure your family's future.


Like you, we're moms and dads with families, owners and renters of modest homes that we live in, and we don't have the financial or personal resources to afford making bad family decisions. Our commitments aren't just about business, they reflect our values. That's why FamilyWise promises to provide:

check_circleAlways Free: Our goal is to bring the highest quality products and services to regular Americans for FREE. Legal protection is FREE. Helpful articles and planning tools are FREE. We're a for-profit company, but our money won't be coming from your pocket.

check_circleWorld Class Partners: We're potential customers for all our products and services, and we evaluate them like we were buying them for our own families. That's why we only invite companies with high integrity, a commitment to customer satisfaction and valuable offers to our community.

check_circleStraight, Honest Answers: We all lead busy lives with jobs, kids and other responsibilities that keep us on the go. Because your time is valuable, we try to provide honest answers that are simple and easy to understand. If your questions are complex, then we can probably refer you to a specialist.

check_circleReferrals only with Permission: No one likes a sales call at dinner, and you won't be getting one from us or any of our partners. If we connect you to a supplier, it's because you gave us permission. We value the trust you put in us, and we're committed to treating you the way we want to be treated.


We respect your privacy and don't share your personal information with anyone unless you ask us to. To learn more about how we protect you, read our Privacy Policy.


FamilyWise is hosted by Amazon Web Services, featuring state of the art security practices used by many Fortune 1000 companies.


"I recently went through my old files and realized that I hadn't updated my Will since 2005! Thanks to FamilyWise, I'm all current again."
- Colan P., Sunnyvale, CA

"I loved how easy it was to create my Will. I couldn't believe it was completely free!"
- Isabelle L., Fremont, CA

Our Executive Team

Malcom Friedberg

While only half the brood size as Olivier's, I also appreciate the importance of protecting your family. As an attorney and marketer, I saw FamilyWise as a way to bring critical legal protection to families that couldn't otherwise afford it. I've started several companies and managed large marketing projects for companies such as Dell, Lenovo, Intel, Genworth and others. When I'm not working on FamilyWise, I'm coaching soccer and playing with my three sons.

Olivier Lemaignen

As a father of 6, taking the right steps to protect my family is a big priority, which is why launching FamilyWise was a project near and dear to my heart. With over 20 years of marketing experience, I've held executive marketing roles at marquis brands such as Intuit (QuickBooks), Invisalign, and LegalZoom. When I'm not focused on creating an awesome customer experience for FamilyWise users, you'll find me riding my Harley or playing the guitar.

Brad Michaels
VP, Strategic Partnerships

I have recent experience with the unfortunate things that happen when close ones fall ill or pass on without a medical directive or will. By joining with FamilyWise, I am working to reduce the likelihood that this happens to others. I bring a 25-year track record of building partnerships that achieve these types of positive social impact, by working across both private and nonprofit sectors, with organizations that range from UBS Financial to the United Nations.  When I am not building partnerships for FamilyWise, I am usually with my wife and two sons, looking for new hikes, towns and beaches to explore, globally, beyond the more than 25 countries that I have worked in.

Bram Wessel
VP, User Experience

With more than two decades as a user-centered design and research professional, I believe that technology should enable natural experiences for real people. I've developed human-centered digital experience designs and strategies for such high-impact brands as Adobe, Amazon, Disney, Expedia, GE, Intel, MasterCard, Microsoft, Nordstrom, Sony, Starbucks, THX, Volvo and Warner Brothers. I'm passionate about the IA/UX discipline, have published many articles in prominent journals and am a frequent speaker at conferences such as the Information Architecture Summit, UX Week and Lavacon. In my spare time, I enjoy fly-fishing and making wine.

Advisory Board

Scott Wagner

Scott W. Wagner has been Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Go Daddy Software, Inc. since May 9, 2013 and served as its Interim Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer. As COO, his strengths are to provide both strategic guidance and day-to-day operational excellence to build a great online presence. As CFO, his focus is on linking the company vision and technology strategy to business results and delivering superior value to GoDaddy's customers and investors.

David Baga
David Baga

Before joining Lyft as Chief Business Officer, David Baga held a number of executive positions at RocketLawyer from 2010 to 2015, including the role of Chief Revenue Officer. Mr. Baga is an entrepreneurial leader focused on growing revenue with great customer experiences, world-class products, and amazing teams.

 He has deep experience for scaling go to market across the areas of sales, business development, marketing and customer success.

Harris Barton
Harris Barton
H. Barton Asset Management

As the founder and managing director of H. Barton Asset Management, Harris Barton actively manages a $30 million fund that specializes in providing investment capital to up-and-coming VC-backed technology startups. Mr. Barton became a private equity investor during his football career, where as an All-Pro offensive lineman for the San Francisco 49ers he earned three Super Bowl wins.

Francis J. Harvey
Retired Secretary of the U.S. Army

Francis Joseph Harvey served as the 19th Secretary of the United States Army. Mr. Harvey held various professional, management and executive positions within the Westinghouse Corporation, including President of the Electronics Systems Group, President of the Government and Environmental Services Company, and Chief Operating Officer of the multi billion dollar Industries and Technology Group.

Darolyn Davis
Darolyn Davis
President & CEO of D&A Communications, Inc.

Darolyn Davis, President and CEO of D&A Communications, Inc. (D&A), is an award-winning communications professional with more than 30 years of experience. Darolyn is a recognized leader in the communications industry as well as an active advocate for community and philanthropic organizations. She serves as a frequent guest speaker  and sits on the boards of many organizations.

Jon Youngdahl
Youngdahl Strategies

Jon Youngdahl is the owner of Youngdahl Strategies campaign consulting based in Sacramento and a Senior Advisor to the Atlas Project headquartered in Washington, DC. Previously, he served as the Executive Director of SEIU California and beforehand as the Chief of Staff and National Political Director of SEIU in Washington, DC. Mr. Youngdahl has a background in both union and non-profit leadership, and has directed many successful legislative, electoral and initiative campaigns. He has two children who both love to read and dance.

Mike Kilander
GM, SVP of Small Business at Experian

Mike Kilander currently serves as the GM, SVP of Small Business at Experian having previously managed the Global eCommerce team at the company since 2006.  Prior to Experian, he held a number of product, marketing, and business development roles at Edmunds.com and Creative Planet.  Mr. Kilander began in business, after completing service in the U.S. Army, as a business strategy consultant at Monitor Group.  A consistent theme of his career has been managing multidisciplinary teams driving business change, particularly digital transformations.